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BeerLeagueTracker.com is a FREE online tool for recreational sports teams to track player attendance, as well as coordinate beer and water bottles. Beer can be managed by "account" if your team has one person who brings it and charges per can or bottle, or by "turns" if players take turns bringing cases. The attendance summary page for each game has a message board so you no longer have to send dozens of chain emails for every game to organize your attendance. You can also customize your team page with your own logo, banner and colors. Sign up for a free account, customize your team page, and send email invites to your teammates to join. Once your initial team setup is complete the site is extremely easy for your players to use. It was designed with simplicity in mind since every recreational sports team has one or two not so tech-savvy members. Once everything is set up your teammates can log in where they will see a simple interface and can declare their in/out status in seconds by changing the value in a dropdown box. That's all that's required from your teammates and takes as little or less time than a text, email or phone call to a team rep. There is also a lightweight mobile version of the site for browsing from your phone. For the more interested members of your team there is a summary page for each game that shows the status of each player, a beer summary page (should you choose to track beer) and a team stats page (currently hockey only). Rec sports team management couldn't be any easier. Our website can be used by any kind of rec league sports team: soccer teams, slow pitch teams, baseball teams, curling teams, football teams, cricket teams, or basketball teams etc., however, we are currently focused on specializing and adding additional functionality for beer league hockey team tracking. There is a currently a hockey statistics page feature available and we are working to integrate with popular rec leagues so that your statistics can be automatically updated. Sign up now, it's simple sports team management, and best of all it's free!

Having trouble getting started? Read the tutorial on how to register a team.

UPDATE: As of Oct. 31, 2015 this web application is no longer supported. But please stay tuned! The site is scheduled for a complete redesign in order to provide a more user-friendly, functional and modern product. When the new application is ready, this legacy version will still be available for use, but will be moved to a new address. Thanks for your patience!

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